What Does “Interesting” Mean?

Today in two separate classes my professors asked that we go around the room, say our name, and tell people something interesting about ourselves. What kind of question is that? I said that I can touch my elbows behind my back. I am totally uninteresting. What does being interesting even mean? What qualifies something as being interesting? This is what I will think about while I cannot sleep tonight.

Updates and New Things

I went on vacation for ten glorious days. It was splendid. While I was away, the second annual Life Day came and went. It was on August 17th and if you remember what you were doing that day I hope it involved being extra grateful for life. August 17th is the day my grandpa died, as well as the day I was planning to kill myself. So, on that day, I like to acknowledge that I miss my grandpa and that life is cool.

This picture sums up my vacation.
This picture sums up my vacation.

My first day of fall classes is tomorrow. I am nervous and excited. I love the jitters that come with the first day of classes. New books, new pens, new professors, new knowledge. I am looking forward to it. But, what if I don’t make friends! I’m not there to make friends, this is REALLY SERIOUS.