A Thought.

Somebody told me once that the best relationships are the ones where you feel known, understood, and accepted. I have found that to be true not only in my relationships, but even in my interactions with people I don’t know well. I know it’s hard to achieve all of those things in one interaction, but I am here to tell you I have done it, and it is cool. Sometimes when I am totally myself around a stranger and I let them know that I have no idea what I’m doing, they return the honesty and we have a smile about it and then go about our days. And then I write that moment in my jar of happy things and that person has forever positively impacted my life. Isn’t that neat?

ps- This is my jar of happy things…

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short-short part 2


I stay up at night and I worry about you. Are you alone? Are you scared? If you need me to, I can pretend I’m strong. I can pretend I’m not afraid of what the future holds, or if the future holds anything. I would do that for you. Sometimes you let me see the sad side of you. A side of you I may not be strong enough to see. A side of you that leaves me crumbling. Maybe you know that. Maybe I’m not the only one. Maybe you’re scared. Maybe you don’t know that you’re not alone.