about meI have had a love of writing since before I could write. I used to get journals just to scribble in them, imagining what I would write if I could actually write. It was really cute. Writing has always been my outlet.

Today I get to maintain my passion by pursuing a freelance writing career. I write about whatever people need me to write about. I take a desired message or tone and I create content reflective of my client’s mission. I am creative and hard working, I’ve never felt so sure of my path than I am now that I am on this one.

New experiences challenge my writing in ways that broaden my perspective and deepen my understanding of the craft. I get to use my story to inform my writing, and while I swear I don’t consider myself to be all that special, my story is special to me.

When I was a child I learned about suicide and spent the next ten years desperately idealizing it. When I was twenty, after a series of interventions, I was given the opportunity to choose life. And that is exactly what I did.

I made the final decision: I’m not going to kill myself. Yes, life might be meaningless and a huge web of nothing. I choose it anyway.

Self-compassion, mindfulness, and practicing gratitude are three of the dozens of tools I use to pull myself out of depression.

The purpose of this blog is primarily to help me process big pieces of my life. Writing is my primary outlet. I get to narrate my experiences from my small corner of the universe. Since I sheepishly started Things Get Weird in 2012, I have received so much more than I anticipated. The authentic connections I have fostered with readers and supporters have greatly impacted my inspiration and feelings of purpose. The other thing that really motivates me is the fact that this is a great domain name.

Stories like mine are a dime a dozen. So if you relate to any of this, let’s talk about it together. We need each other. I don’t know what life is for, but I’m pretty sure humans are for each other.