I began freelance writing in November of 2017. Since then I have cultivated several positive relationships with clients. I most frequently write blog posts on topics ranging from celebrity interest pieces to dog support communities and events in small towns across America. I am skilled in research and creating a tone of professional familiarity that appeals to a wide range of targeted audiences. Collaborating with clients is my strong suit and I apply feedback promptly in order to create a final product that exceeds expectations.

WAG – Dog Walking, December 2017 – present

  • Produce content for the popular dog walking application
  • Collaborate with editors to improve work
  • Maintain consistent work productio

Journey Coworking, December 2017 – present

  • Ghost writing and guest blog posts for local and distant coworking spaces
  • Communicate with client to present the desired message of each blog post for the target demographic
  • In-depth research on topics that benefit productivity and inspiration in the work place
  • Embrace new learning experiences and ask questions when necessary

Panda gossips, November 2017 – present 

  • Incorporate search engine optimization keywords into articles seamlessly and effectively
  • Take risks by taking on challenging articles